Friday, October 9, 2009

My Bookmarks:

These are the hysterical, though-provoking blogs I follow religiously

Nerd stuff. Zombies, themed wedding cakes, space, robots, conspiracies (and a surprisingly large percentage of bacon themed posts). Just the kind of stuff you want to wake up to in the morning.

Radiohead's personal blog. Includes pics and personal playlists.

A fantastic steampunk blog, features tech mods, art, clothing, and other such nonsense.

Kind of like theSteampunkHome but less steam more lacquer.

I cannotcannotcannot say enough good things about this site! Massive, full of content. On there for hours at a time. Love the abandoned places for urban exploration series.

Ohhhh fucking brilliant. And so true! Every art student this side of the GeoWash can agree.

And if I were male, I would look like That.

Naysayers can fall off, She is hilarious.

Why the hell did I ever bookmark this?! bookmarks:

Aspiring popping banjo player commercial... Get's 2|5 palm's to the face

A guide to proper Swedish pronounciation 2|5, because I'm a linguistics major.

Wikipedia entry for "Absurdism" 4|5 I'm such a downer.

Thom Yorke giggles 5|5 NO explanation required.

So by now I hope I've made it into your infinitely sacred bookmarks list. Please? : /

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